Sharing Care

We have established a Charitable Giving Committee consisting of employees from around the country. This group oversees the company-sponsored charitable giving activities while encouraging local offices to give back to their communities. Each year, the committee surveys our employees and then narrows the list down to two national charities that we can support as an organization.


We strive to do what is best for our community and our planet by minimizing the impact of our business on the environment. This includes making appropriate use of natural resources and encouraging the replenishment of renewable resources.

This business can be very paper‐intensive and our desire is to ensure that the trees used to make this paper are replaced. Through our partnership with Eden Projects, we plant approximately 6 trees for every 1 we use. This is based on how many pages of medical records we process on behalf of our clients. Sharecare Health Data Services has planted over 226, 364 trees.

To see our Sustainability Policy click here.