Sharecare Dynamic Data Insights HCC

Optimize Patient Care and Maximize Revenue Recovery with HCC Audits

Hierarchical condition codes (HCCs) play a critical role in assessing patient risk, and in full revenue recovery to enable comprehensive patient care. Sharecare Dynamic Data Insights HCC provides customized HCC audit support to healthcare organizations with a variety of goals. Chances are, Sharecare Health Data Service is already providing many of the charts you use in your risk-adjustment audits – why not get that medical data in the form you need to drive your particular analytics and goals?

Greater accuracy = more conditions identified

  • Identifies HCC opportunity suspects through custom analytics to improve RAF scores
  • HCC-focused summary and index tables with hyperlinks to relevant ICD codes
  • Produces more accurate searchable text through advanced OCR and AI technologies for more complete review with fewer missed conditions
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Better care, more revenue recovered:

  • Extracts audit-specific key terms and ICD codes along with their descriptions
  • Summarizes basic metadata and document information
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Customized flagging and reporting to fit your audit flow:

  • Focuses on your patient population needs with custom-tailored HCC analytics
  • Simple-to-navigate output uses visual cues for fast review by coders
  • At-a-glance signaling of opportunity suspects using rules-based search