Sharecare Dynamic Data Insights™

Uses artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to give legal, healthcare, and insurance professionals advanced access to the medical data they need to do their jobs better, faster, and more profitably.

Fast access to high-quality, structured medical data, tailored for your industry and application.

As a long-time trusted partner providing compliant, secure access to medical records, Sharecare Health Data Services is in a unique position to provide that medical data in a form that opens the door for advanced auditing and analytics. Sharecare Dynamic Data Insights transforms unstructured medical data from PDFs, faxes, scans, and/or EHR output to structured, chronologized, searchable data ready for analysis and review.
Advanced optical-character recognition (OCR) technologies, including pre-OCR resolution enhancement and a juried OCR system, produce the highest-quality searchable OCR results. Intelligent parsing and natural-language processing (NLP) technologies provide further quality checks and opportunities for advanced indexing and customized flags for dates, locations, keywords, conditions, medical codes, and more.


More accurate medical-record review


Optimize HCC audits

Life Insurance

Faster, better underwriting