People, Process, Technology

Our 99.999% Quality Proof Statement: A simple and clear promise to our clients and their patients.

Dedicated, caring people. Quality driven workflows. Innovative leading edge technology.

Service excellence is no accident. It comes from dedication and commitment to our clients and their patients. Getting the right information to the right place at the right time drives every decision we make. It’s how we train our people. It’s why we build quality into our workflows and its why we innovate with technology.


Excellent service is a choice our team members make at every opportunity every day. Our people know that if we serve your patients well, we serve our clients well. We recruit, train and support team members to make conscious decisions to serve your patients and your healthcare organization in the most effective and care focused way.

Every Sharecare team member who touches PHI is certified with the CRIS credential (Certified Release of Information Specialist) and that is just the beginning of our commitment and support. Continuing education is a large component of life at Sharecare to ensure that our team members are properly prepared for any occurrence and to reinforce the quality and service culture we have developed and have been recognized for over the years.

Our continuous activities to focus our team members on serving our clients is demonstrated by our commitment to quality. As a component of the compensation and recognition we provide to our team members, we set goals and measure individual performance every month. This provides our people with opportunities to earn bonuses, receive recognition and to receive specific training to help them meet and exceed our quality goals.


The Sharecare process starts by understanding the unique needs and requirements of your environment and building interfaces which facilitate a smooth, efficient integration with the Sharecare workflow processes.

Implementations can be onsite, remote, a shared service, a full-service model, or a SaaS (Software as a Service) model. In many cases, to meet our clients’ needs most efficiently, we deploy a combination of these models.

Quality steps aided by automation tools are built into each workflow. The ROI process is complex and with as many as 45 steps required, there are many opportunities for errors to occur. We achieve our 99.999% quality level with as many as seven reviews of the authorization and captured record at key points along the workflow process. Each quality step has a specific purpose and up to four different team members will perform specific quality reviews on a single authorization and captured medical record. Technology coupled with excellent workflows and highly trained and motivated team Members get it done for our clients and their patients.

Automated custom reporting informs HIM management of ongoing activities, work cues, completions and information identifying performance.


Ever evolving as Protected Health Information continues in its digital transformation, Sharecare develops, deploys and leverages technology meeting the needs of our clients and their patients across this dynamic and rapidly changing landscape.

  • Integrations with all electronic health record system allow for rapid access and capture of PHI with reduced steps and data entry using information such as the Master Patient Index leading to accurate work.

  • Multiple operating platforms each with automated quality tools offering the best choice for each client environment. Many capabilities are delivered through Cloud services providing for fast secure implementations and scalable access.

  • Several Requestor chosen methods for electronic delivery including Direct Messaging – A federal standard for interoperable health information exchange for patients and healthcare clients.

  • Enhanced content availability in medical records for access and discovery. Sorted, interactive hyperlinks, summary and index tables for easy access. Combined records into a single unified research tool.