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Our experienced EHR scanning staff can scan thousands of charts quickly and efficiently, with the highest levels of quality and security with no disruption to your practice


You have converted to EMR… Now get the benefit of a completely digital medical record.

  • Capture those “Meaningful Use” dollars
  • Move out of a “hybrid” environment. Having part of your active patient information in your EMR and the rest on paper is inefficient and cumbersome.

Partner With Sharecare Health Data Services:

  • Our veteran EHR scanning staff can scan thousands of charts quickly and efficiently at a lower cost than you could achieve on your own.
  • Choose to output to disc, hard drive, your EMR or to our web-based repository Pro Archive.
  • We use an industry leading quality process to ensure the right patient information is in the right chart.
  • Our nearby production facilities eliminates disruption to your practice.
  • We can help reduce costly misfiles.
  • Expedite the ingestion process and lower your costs- we interface with more than 150 EMR systems.
  • We organize scanned records for optimal digital performance.
  • Ensure the job gets done right the first time with a comprehensive implementation plan.

A Comprehensive Plan for Medical Record Conversion

The success of your conversion effort will be determined by thorough planning and the completeness and accuracy of the statement of work or project plan. Sharecare Health Data Serivces has the appropriate depth of experience to assist in conversion plan development and project management. It won’t cost any more or take any longer to get it right the first time and will lead to a higher level of enthusiasm and acceptance of the EMR/EHR.


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