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Medical chart collection & review is a daunting process. Both Health Plans and Providers are benefiting from over 25 years of proven HIPAA-compliant release of information expertise by partnering with Sharecare Health Data Services for audit services.


Reduce Costs and Delays

    • Get relief from the stress created by the ever-growing multitude of Health Plan Audits.
    • Eliminate the risk of unknown entities accessing your offices, charts & EMRs.
    • Minimize the need to communicate with the Health Plan and other intermediary organizations.
    • Offload the labor allocation necessary to comply with audit requirements.
    • Eliminate the stress tied to short-notice chart demands.

Mitigate Risk

    • Every Sharecare Health Data Services employee is a Certified Release of Information Specialist (CRIS)
    • HIPAA compliant delivery simplifies the audit fulfillment process

Compliance and Timely Delivery

    • Sharecare Health Data Services meets deadline and exceeds expectations.
    • Deep understanding of Health Plan Audits including HEDIS, Risk, RADV, etc.
    • Our existing relationships with Health Plans eliminates calls, faxes and office inquiries.
    • Sharecare Health Data Services acts as your extensions, ensuring timely audit completion.


Get the charts you need when you need them

    • Full time focus on HIPAA Compliant release of information lends to adaptive solutions
    • HIPAA compliant remote connectivity simplifies the audit fulfillment process without exposing the Provider or Health Plan to risk.

Minimize Delays in the Chase Process

    • Sharecare Health Data Services can remove the provider as a bottleneck in the chase process.
    • Contracted Providers have the option to auto-approve audit fulfillment, ensuring that within 24-hours of chase receipt fulfillment can begin.
    • Proprietary Sharecare technology assists the Health Plan with validation of Provider whereabouts.
    • Sharecare’s accelerated retrieval program can mark high-priority charts and elevate their prioritization.

Expedite Assessment, Abstraction and Coding

Allow Sharecare Health Data Services to assist in minimizing the challenges that often exist when assessing medical records:

    • Partner with an organization that understands your timelines, the importance of key milestones and touts an 85%+ chart fulfillment norm.
    • Benefit from the hybrid nature of both a dedicated, national Audit Fulfillment Team and regional operators committed solely to fulfilling your requests.
    • Accelerate chart review with the delivery of re-sequenced and indexed medical records including the addition of metadata.

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