Release of Information

Medical chart collection & review is a daunting process. Both Health Plans and Providers are benefiting from over 25 years of proven HIPAA-compliant release of information expertise by partnering with Sharecare Health Data Services for audit services.

Our Foundational 99.999% Quality Promise

Medical record “Release of Information” is a complex, costly requirement. New technology adoption and constantly changing federal rules add complexity to the process.

At Sharecare, as the world of medical records and health data migrate across the landscape of digital transformation and federal mandates, we adapt our processes, technology and training to keep our foundational 99.999% quality promise.

With the experience of serving thousands of healthcare institutions comprised of medical practices, hospitals and health systems, we have the experience and expertise needed to deliver the ideal solution set.

“Having moved to the Austin area and with school beginning in just a few days, Sharecare rapidly delivered my children’s immunization records so they could be there on the first day. Thank you, Sharecare!” — Lynette B., Round Rock, TX

How we serve your organization and patients

Patient Centered

We know there is a patient, their family or an institution in service to them behind every request. Our efficient, high qualify, rapid delivery ensures we treat your patients well.

Improve Performance

We lead the industry in quality and turnaround time. We are the best at what we do for our clients. Our performance means we get it right the first time, on time, every time.

Mitigate Risk

99.999% quality means avoiding privacy incidents, unauthorized disclosure and breaches.

Reduce Costs

We operate with onsite, mobile, full service, shared service and SaaS (Software as a Service) models — whatever best meets your needs and requirements. Our implementations are built around your unique needs and integrated with our technology and processes. Our clients experience real and measurable cost reductions through the deployment of our technology enabled workflows coupled with our credentialed, motivated team members working on your behalf.

Improve Cash flow

We get the right health information to the right requestor faster leading to rapid reimbursement. We have specific Cash Flow Cycle improvement processes built around safely releasing medical records where claims have been denied which drive reduced reimbursement times.