Revenue Cycle Support

We reduce your operating expenses, provide appropriate Accounting of Disclosures and mitigate your risk surrounding the Release of Information process by providing revenue cycle support

Patient Financial Services – Business Office

Responding to payer requirements for copies of medical information to adjudicate denied claims has a direct impact on cash flow. It carries the same risk for wrongful disclosure or inappropriate accounting of patient information released. Maintaining the security and confidentiality of PHI is a principle requirement.

Reduce Operating Costs

Sharecare Health Data Services reduces your Labor associated with:

  • Medical records capture process
  • Packaging of the medical record information (along with the claim), metering and mailing
  • Rework associated with those payers who indicate they did not receive the copy of the medical information requested

Improve Cash Flow

Your staff can focus on collections and no longer be burdened with copying and mailing records.

Risk Mitigation

Wrongful Disclosures have always been a risk for Release of Information. Omnibus regulations have created an even greater burden and risk surrounding the process. We provide the proper tracking of disclosures and ensures unauthorized sensitive content is not released.

Reduce your operating expenses, get appropriate Accounting of Disclosures, and mitigate your risk

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