“We treat every medical record as if it were our own.”

We recognize there is a patient, a family or an institution in service to them behind every medical record request we process.

99.999% Quality: Capturing the appropriate health information and completing delivery quickly and efficiently is the basis for our industry leading 99.999% quality metric. As the world of medical records and health data migrate across the digital landscape, we continually adapt our processes, technology and training to keep our foundational quality promise.



Team Members

Constant training and support. Monthly incentives and recognition for excellent performance. All team members who touch PHI are certified (CRIS) Release of Information Specialists.

Workflow Processes

Deploying data driven processes and tools ensuring accurate results. Multiple review steps in the process ensuring the request, authorization and medical record are all reviewed by multiple team members.


Integrating with all electronic health record systems. Technology enabled Quality reviews allowing for multiple reviews while facilitating rapid completion. Accurately and securely delivering medical records using advanced electronic methods suitable to various requestor needs and requirements.