Frequently Asked Questions

Judge declares patient directives for third parties unlawful, read the OCR Announcement, Full Opinion in CiOx Health, LLC v. Alex Azar, et al. (HHS). Sharecare supports patients’ rights to access health information and this ruling makes that even more possible. If you have questions about this, contact us here.

How do I pay my invoice?

Expedite the processing of your records by making a payment online

Pay Now

How do I check the status of my medical record request?

We can help you find out where your records are within our process right now

Check Status

How do I receive my records electronically?

Safely and securely retrieve your medical records online.  You receive quicker access to requested records, an email notification when records are available, and online storage.

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Can I rush my medical record request?

For urgent needs, Sharecare Health Data Services will make every attempt to rush your request.


How do I submit a fee approval for an invoice I’ve received?

If you have received a prepayment invoice for records and would like to submit a guarantee of payment, we will review your request and respond accordingly.

Submit Approval

I have questions about fees on my invoice.

Invoice related questions will be directed to our Credit & Collections Team for response.


I want to confirm that you have received my payment.

A Sharecare Health Data Services Representative will review your invoice and confirm whether or not payment has been received.

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Can I get another copy of my invoice?

We can resend a copy of your invoice to the contact information provided on the request and/or account.

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I no longer need the medical records.

We received a request for records and fulfilled the request but we understand that unforeseen circumstances occur.