Release of Information

Sharecare Health Data Services provides secure release of information services with the latest compliance standards and unmatched quality-control process.


Remote ROI Service

We offer full service remote release of information (ROI) for clients with EMR/EHR.  Sharecare Health Data Services provides a ROI model that delivers a 100% quality review of all requests and associated abstracted medical records while providing the highest level of customer service in the industry.

Mobile ROI Service

Service at your facility is performed by our Certified ROI Specialists using our equipment. Medical records never leave your facility. We digitally capture the necessary medical record information, securely encrypt and upload it with minimal time.  Monitor your requests and receive status and Accounting of Disclosure reports through our web-based tracking system.

On-Site ROI Service

For higher volume practices we’ll set up in your office, securely behind your firewall, and provide necessary on-site staff. We seamlessly integrate our services and processes with your operation. Specific operating workflows are developed and established to meet your unique needs.

Powerful Management Tools

With as many as 45 steps involved with the fulfillment of each ROI request, the tracking of each request through the various status points can be challenging. Sharecare Health Data Services technology provides complete beginning-to-end tracking, as well as detailed reporting on all activity month-in and month-out through the various status points.

Key Deliverables

  • Visibility into the requests
  • Eliminate duplicate requests through a matching system
  • Reduces data entry and ensures accuracy by working with your customer Master Patient Index
  • Automated non-compliant requests management tool
  • Simplified audit entry with “single requestor/multiple patient” module
  • Customized reporting capabilities
  • Pending status for managing day-to-day workload
  • Reduce operating costs by simplifying touch points and improving customer service


Get the charts you need when you need them

Full time focus on HIPAA Compliant release of information lends to the ability to meet your expectations around turnaround time. Our wide variety of electronic delivery methods include providing push SFTP to your own system.

Expedite Assessment and Abstraction

Allow Sharecare Health Data Services to assist in minimizing the challenges that often exist when assessing medical records:

Partner with an organization that understands your timelines, the importance of key milestones and touts an 85%+ chart fulfillment norm Accelerate chart review with the delivery of re-sequenced and indexed medical records including the addition of metadata

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